How To Properly Market on Facebook

Social media has become an incredibly important aspect of any good full-service marketing campaign in the modern digital age. Platforms like Instagram, twitter, and Facebook are integral to spread awareness and increase visibility for any business, and their products or services. While the advent of social media saw it as the next generation of personal communication, marketing agencies like Caymana Consulting have realized methods to perfectly integrate their tools, and use them for business marketing.
Facebook itself has led the social media charge, in terms of business advertising. With some companies almost exclusively using it as their main form of advertising. It offers a wide range of abilities, that are almost perfectly suited for marketing of your business’ products and services. And being active on Facebook is no longer just another option for businesses, it’s a necessity for growth in the modern environment. And those that use its countless tools properly can see amazing growth, lead generation, and even huge hikes in lead conversion. Caymana Consulting implements Facebook, both free and paid promotions into their marketing strategies in order to build followings that are both loyal, and willing to spend money on the things they value. Here are some of the tips and rules, that companies like Caymana Consulting implement in order to create positive growth rates for their clients and even themselves, via social media. The proper steps to any good Facebook marketing campaign are:
·         Creating the RIGHT Facebook Business Page
Simple enough, just involves following the directions from the Facebook home page. Just takes a valid email account. Some important things Caymana Consulting ensures their clients do are to fill in as much of information as possible – including all relevant business information, and fields that can be filled in. Make sure to upload high resolution profile images, such as the company logo, as both your profile photo and cover photo. Also, be sure to add as many high quality images, and videos as possible – in albums, posts, and your timeline. And one of the most common mistakes companies make is that they are not posting using the actual business page, but they are using the personal account that is linked to that page.

·         High Quality Posting
All of your posts should be direct, concise and focused on one goal or directive. This means that your post should only have one main subject, including one main product or service to market. Include a clear call to action, that is visible and stands out from everything else. Caymana Consulting also makes sure to include clear, short worded captions that don’t confuse or alter the focus of the reader. A friendly, and engaging tone of voice, in your writing, with an engaging title, that readers can easily see and will understand. And the main thing to include in ALL posts is images, videos, with a link to either your site or your product. Consumers are exponentially more likely to spend time on a post with images and videos that are engaging and interesting.

·         Use Facebook’s Marketing Tools
At Caymana Consulting they make sure that the consumers sees exactly what they want them to see. “Pin” posts to the top of your news-feed or timeline. Use the “Boost” function to engage a higher volume of consumers and a more targeted audience. Implement paid ads whenever possible, for larger promotions and posts that you absolutely want to do well. And one of the least used functions is the scheduling of posts. This allows you to recognize the times at which you get the highest engagement and have posts automatically post at those times.
·         Use Analytics
Facebook offers you insights and analytics, so be sure to use them and to see when, and what posts are doing well. And simply repeat the strategies that work, and make changes to the ones that don’t.
For more business growth, and to improve your social media marketing be sure to contact a marketing agency like Caymana Consulting.